Vigilante Tour 2016 / Booking Now


We are preparing our new tour 2016 to promote the new album “Turning Point” and we already have dates in UK, France, Peru and Czech Republique.

If you are interested in a Live Show (Full band) use the form on this site or write to:

If you are interested in a DJ Set write to Jose Echevarrieta to:

Here is a little demo of what you can spec from a Vigilante Live Show:




Vigilante single “We are one” out now!


“We are one” is the 1st single of new album “Turning Point”.

With a combination of old school EBM (Electronic Body Music), modern influences from EDM (Electronic Dance Music) and Dubstep, Vigilante creates an smashing hybrid hit, that will destroy every dance floor and festival who stands in his way.
This single include remixes from very important artists like Gore-tech, Neuroticfish or the famous russian EDM producer Tim Ismag.

This 1st single shows the intention of Ivan of expand the borders of Industrial Music on this new album, mixing elements of Dubstep, Electro and Drum and bass, creating a modern and powerfull combo.

Vigilante “We Are One” include remixes from:
Tim ismag, Gore-Tech, Neuroticfish, FERD, Horskh, CrazyMT and Systr.

Buy it here:






Illumination Remix Contest Winners!

After an exhaustive evaluation I’m glad to announce the winners of the remix contest:

1st place

2nd place

3rd place
Bobby (WLR)​

Special mentions go to the remixes of Spitfire, MaestriX​ and Mr Fantome​!

Thanks to DnB Portal and Cleopatra Records​ for their support, to all the companies involved (PreSonus Audio Electronics​, Dean Markley Strings​, D16 Group Audio Software​, MeldaProduction​, Citizen Sheep Clothing​, FXpansion​, to our special judges (RIDO​, Counterstrike​, Kryptomedic​, Sample Logic LLC​, InTune Guitar Picks.​) for being part of this and to all the producers for your dedication, talent and hard work!

Merci / Thanks / Gracias

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Vigilante will make his UK debut at Infest festival

I’m proud to announce that Vigilante will make his UK debut this year at Infest Festival!!
See you there! :)

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New Album “Turning Point” Out Now!

After 5 years of silence, Ivan Munoz aka VIGILANTE returns with a new album that combines in perfect balance elements of Electronic Rock, Drum and Bass and Dubstep creating an effective and powerful combo!, or according to internationally known Producer ZARDONIC:”The living soundtrack of the world (r)evolution!”

#bassmetal #metalEDM

iTunes/Apple Music:
Cleopatra Records:
Google Play:

Track Listing:
1. Crossroads (Intro)
2. We Are One
3. Illumination (Featuring Kryptomedic)
4. Kosmos
5. Masters
6. In The War
7. Turning Point
8. Under The Sun
9. Slaves
10. 99 Red Balloons (Nena cover)