Ivan Muñoz aka Vigilante is one of the most important electronic music artists & Djs from South America.

Coming from the same family of artists like Celldweller, Zardonic, The Qemists or Pendulum, Vigilante as figure it out how to blend flawlessly Electronic music and Metal conquering audiences from all over the world with his multiple releases and shows.

Performing as a Live act or as a DJ, in a concert hall or in a club, Vigilante always delivers a powerful show, full of energy and intensity!.

His international tours made him share the stage with very important artists like Nine Inch Nails, Die Krupps and many more, and perform in very important festivals like Electron (Switzerland) or Wave Gotik Treffen (Germany) Montreux Jazz Festival  (Switzerland)

Multi-Intrumentist, Sound Engineer and style destroyer Vigilante has been able to collaborate and remix a wide range of artists from different styles during his career from remixing hip hop gods Public Enemy or Industrial legends Ministry, to colaborate with metal heads Jed Simon (Strapping Young lad) and Baard Torstensenor (Clawfinger) or industrial legends John Bechdel (Ministry) and Hanin Elias (Atari Teenage Riot).

His success not only give him the support of fans and peers, but also from many important companies like Presonus, Sennheiser, Keith McMillen, Arturia, Fernandes Guitars and many more.

In 2016 with the support of Big time producers like Zardonic, Rido or Voicians or bands like The Qemists or Emperor, Vigilante take one step forward on his constant evolution and will release his 4th studio album called ” Turning Point” mixing in perfect balance elements of Electronic Rock, Drum and bass, Electro and Dubstep creating a powerful combo that will blast every venue and club on his way.

Higligths from the album are “We are one” remixed by Tim Ismag and “Illumination” with guest vocals from famous Drum & Bass MC Kryptomedic.
Download here:  Electronic Press Kit